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Lizzy & Ryan's Wedding

We love playing at wedding parties, so it was a pleasure to head over to Rookery Wolds at Barnetby for Lizzy & Ryan's.

The venue is a large marquee with plenty of stage area and a proper dance floor. After setting up earlier in the day, we had plenty of time to get ready for the show (and deal with the inevitable gremins).

Calwyn brought along his GoPro video camera to capture some of the proceedings. When we've had a chance to review the footage and edit out (maybe) some of our more embarrassing mistakes and highlight any drunken dancing gems, we'll post the video on here, so keep an eye out for that.

The show was great and the crowd were brilliant. Lizzy & Ryan certainly seemed to enjoy themselves! (I hope Ryan's hangover wasn't too bad).We wish them all the best for the future.


Rising Sun in Hull

Our first crossing of the Humber Bridge in 2015 found us at another new venue... The Rising Sun on Mizzen Road in Hull.

The Rising Sun has a great friendly atmosphere, so we were looking forward to playing for them.

The band area was a little tight for us, so we had to get creative with setting up, but we managed it with some carefully balanced speakers on sofas!

Once underway, we had a great gig... The crowd know their music and were very appreciative. They joined in loudly in all the right places!

We'll be back in the Sun later this year, so don't miss it!

Bird's Eye Blast

Back in Grimsby for our first visit to the Bird's Eye Club!

I don't think they were quite prepared for the amount of equipment we bring to a gig... The doorman closed the door after we'd brought in about half of it 'cos he thought we'd finished, and Calwyn hadn't even arrived with his drums by that time!

Anyway, we managed to squeeze most of it in and get set up on their great little stage. With the first bingo game looming, we didn't have time to sound-check, so it was straight into the first number with John jumping off the stage, complete with guitar, to have a listen to the mix before climbing back on to adjust the levels before the first guitar solo.

This was Ray's first gig since his sabattical at the end of last year, so we were back to full, five-piece, strength and ready to rock!
Unfortunately, during the winter break, the gremlins had been busy in Ray's amp, which decided to go quiet in the first song... We carried on like true professionals (really!), while Ray coaxed his recalcitrant Laney into action. With all of us now fully functional, we went on the enjoy what turned out to be a fantastic gig.

The Bird's Eye crowd were really good to us and we were entertained by some great dancers throwing some shapes, especially through the second set.

We're looking forward to coming back soon!

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