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Dave - Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals

Bass rig:

I use a Behringer BX4500H bass amp with a Carlsbro 4x10 cab and a 1x15 cab. My main bass is my pride and joy; an american Fender Jazz bass in classic sunburst which I've had for about a year. I have a red Fender copy bass which I use for practice and take to gigs as a back up. I also have a bass collection, in burgundy, which I have used in previous bands but doesn't get used now.

It was seeing the rock opera "Tommy" on the big screen that first got me into music, so after that I started buying "The Who" albums. Then I discovered "AC/DC". They were my favorite band for a long time.. Seen them 5 times. (yes I know, I'm sad).
Because of Angus I actually started off playing guitar in bands, and after a short time, was forced by circumstance to play bass. I found to my amazement I preferred to play bass and started to listen to bass lines on records and this led me to become influenced by the likes of Gene Simmons of "Kiss" and Burke Shelly from "Budgie".

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