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Just four at the Cavalier

With Ray taking a sabbatical from the band, we came to the Cavalier Club in Hull as a four-piece. Although this meant we had to leave out some of the material, with Pete's help on guitar and Calwyn managing to play keyboards and drums(!) we still had a very healthy list of songs in the set. It certainly felt strange performing without Ray 'loud on the left', but the gig went well and the crowd certainly got into the swing of things. Next week we're at a new venue for us - The Taphouse in Gainsborough... Apparently it's quite small, so maybe just as well we're down to four!

Hot in the County

Back on the road after the summer break, we kicked off with a night in The County, Grimsby.

It's always a great gig, but it was soooo hot! We were all dripping like leaky taps!

The crowd were absolutely great, as ever.. Special thanks to Lorna, Barney, Kenny, Big & Little Chris and everyone for coming down to support us.

From the number of encores you made us do, I reckon you must have enjoyed our noise!

We can't wait to come back :D

Great Show in the Trawl

We returned to the Trawl in Grimsby for the first time this year, looking forward to blowing the cobwebs off...

After a bit of a delay waiting for a space to clear for us, and ironing out a few gremlins in the PA, we fired up and rocked out!

The place was packed and the crowd really got into the vibe with us, so after a great show and plenty of encores we were all knackered by the time we had to pack the gear away.. Oh well, rock 'n roll!

We get to do it all again tomorrow night in the Cavalier Club in Hull..

Over the bridge

.. to the Cavalier Club in Hull.

It's been a while since we last played in the Cavalier, so it was nice to be back there again to rock for a Hull crowd.

The stage isn't the biggest, but we managed to squeeze on with a bit of ingenuity and the night went off without incident (apart from the obligatory breaks for bingo!).

Thanks Cavalier folk for the hospitality and the very entertaining dancers..!

See you again soon..

Comet Rocked..!

Our first venture into Scunthorpe for 2014 saw us back in The Comet for some more Loose Ends Rockin'..

The Comet are always a good audience; friendly and appreciative, so we decided to use the opportunity to take some photos and shoot some video. Unfortunately, the audio on the videos isn't good enough to post here, so we'll have to have another go at that next time. We managed to get some good photos though, which I'll get posted on here and Facebook soon!


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